The Plan
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The Women And IncomeTM Plan

A strategy that seeks to mitigate risks, promote investment discipline and give you confidence about your financial security in retirement. Women And IncomeTM creates distinct segments for your retirement savings with the goal of increasing your monthly income over time.

How it Works

In one popular approach your deposit is shown as being allocated to six “segments” that will hold investment assets ranging from very conservative to aggressive. Segment One, the most conservative, receives the largest portion of your deposit – 28%. Successive segments receive, 26%, 20%, 13%, 7% and 6% (total 100%). The segments receiving the smallest amount of money are those which hold progressively more aggressive assets. The more aggressive an investment, the more risk it is subject to. These segments will be held for the longest period of time in an attempt to achieve the best possible chance of excellent investing results.  

Five Key Objectives

  1. Minimize the impact of emotions.
  2. Increase income to help maintain purchasing power throughout retirement.
  3. Minimize Risk.
  4. Preserve Principal.
  5. Realize the best possible chance of achieving projected investment results by keeping assets invested over long periods of time.

The overall objective is inflation-adjusted income for life.